Operational Details & Agent Benefits

  • Leaked documents on new releases and events. Agents have first dibs at new wines before they’re released, priority status for events, and special agent pricing.
  • “Eyes only” level clearance. You’re the only one with access to library wines.
  • Agent discount of 15% on all winery purchases. Whether you’re at the Farm or remotely purchasing from our online shop, your discount always applies.
  • Cover story provided for our yearly invite-only agent’s bash. Come for the party, be intrigued by the mission. (it’s entirely off-book, should you choose to accept it)
  • Welcome dossier with cool swag. Because everyone loves swag.
  • Convert an asset, get a mission bonus. We send you a little something special when you recommend a friend and they join Covert Farm Ops. Recruit away.
  • Free shipping on club purchases


Choose Your Mission

  • Operation White Hawk: $140 - 6 bottles of white wine, delivered 4 times per year.
  • Operation Red Truck: $200 - 6 bottles of red wine, delivered 4 times per year.
  • Operation Curious Coyote: $175 - 6 bottles of red/white wine, delivered 4 times per year.



Operation White Hawk




Six Bottles
White Only


Includes Shipping

Operation Red Truck


REd Truck


Six Bottles
Red Only


Includes Shipping

Operation Curious Coyote


Curious Coyote

RED & White

Six Bottles


Includes Shipping