Despite clouds, some rain and an unmistakable forest fire, the South Okanagan came off as the jewel it is during Wednesday’s telecast of The Amazing Race Canada.

Five remaining teams took part in the 10th leg of the race at the end of May, flying from Dehli, India, to Penticton.

It was 60 minutes of publicity money couldn’t buy.

D’Angelo Estate Winery in Naramata, Summerland Waterfront Resort, Covert Farms in Oliver, Osoyoos Desert Model Railroad and Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Centre in Osoyoos were all featured in Wednesday’s episode.

Front and centre were Okanagan Lake and Covert Farms.

Teams were tasked with completing two jumps while wakeboarding near the Summerland Resort before venturing to Covert Farms to complete one of two detour challenges, Brain or Brawn.

Farm owner Gene Covert said he was contacted by the production arm of the show in February about using the location for one of the show segments.

Covert said the tasks featured on the episode were a collaborative effort between management of the family owned farm and the show’s producers.

“Their production team had a lot of ideas as to what looks good for the show, but also we brought forward ideas,” said Covert.

“The obstacles are ones that we will have in our Freakin’ Farmer Race. That’s what they were looking for.”

The Brawn challenge included tossing 10-65 pound sacks of onions onto the back of a flatbed truck, flipping a large tire 100 metres and traversing a set of monkey bars over a pile of manure.

Brains included finding three wine bottles in the vineyard using only hand-written clues and vine post markings, using a potato slingshot to hit a target and using a forklift to stack wooden pallets.

Competitors also had to complete a mud run at the end of each set of challenges.

“Essentially, all the filming happens in real time. It’s fast paced, but likewise you can be waiting a long time while teams run into problems. It’s an interesting production and a pretty intense one,” said Covert.

“As the hosting venue, we helped out a lot with the set up and running the events that happened. We got to watch and see how things were going and swore on our life and our children we wouldn’t say anything.”

That, according to Covert, was the hardest part – staying quiet.

Covert said he was pleased the way the South Okanagan came across on screen.

A third task at the 600-acre farm involved bottling wine. Brothers Brent and Sean were forced to complete the task, which included bottling, labeling and corking a dozen bottles of wine, after finishing last during the previous non-elimination leg.

Covert said those bottles will likely be kept for fundraiser opportunities.

This is the second time Amazing Race Canada has used the Okanagan as a backdrop. Season one opened in Kelowna.