A Culinary Journey through Canada's Desert

This personally guided 1 - 1.5 hour tour provides an educational and entertaining experience of breathtaking landscapes and sustainable farm practices. The passion, humour, and individual approach to this experience is certain to leave you with memories to cherish and an arm load of freshly grown organic produce and bottles of wine to share. 

  • $59 per person (Kids 5-18 yrs $20)
  • Meet at Wine Shop at either 10:45am or 12:45pm
  • 1 - 1.5 hour personally guided tour.
  • Wine pairing and small bites at our rustic wine lounge.
  • Relaxing tasting at your leisure in the wine shop. Stay as long as you like.




650 acres

Tour Canada's only pocket desert, travelling over sands left behind by the melting of Ice Age glaciers. Pick, taste and shop for farm-fresh produce and local wines at our 650-acre organic farm.

Explore the desert's rare antelope-brush eco-system with us. Home to coyotes, mule deer, California quail, gopher snakes and red-tailed hawks.


Wine Shop

Our tour begins at our wine shop. Meet at either 1045am or 1245pm, depending on which tour you have booked. 

We take over from there. Let one of our guides entertain, educate, and amaze you over the next 1 - 1.5 hours.

Why 1 - 1.5 hours? Because we're Covert Farms. We don't have any timelines. It's up to you how long or short you want the tour to be. We have plenty of things to do to keep you engaged.



Vintage RIDE

Our tour truck is a vintage 1952 Mercury 1 ton. The Mercury trucks were only available in Canada at the time. This one is immaculately restored with its original Flathead V8, straight cut gear transmission and mechanical locking rear differential. In other words, it's pretty cool.




Bring your Cameras

We've got many stops planned. If you're the 'sit back and relax' type, that's okay. You'll have plenty of opportunity to snap pics that you'll be able to look back at for the rest of you life. And if you ask nicely, you can probably take some photos of your handsome guides. They won't mind.




feed the cows

Take a moment to connect with nature as you give life to these long horn beauties.


off the vine. Literally.

Grapes are our bread and butter. Not literally, but you know what we mean. We grow 13 varieties.  And you get to sample them. By the end of this tour, you'll know so much that you'll want to start growing your own. But don't do that. That's our job and we're really good at it. When you taste the wine at the end of the tour, we're sure you'll agree.




Did we mention we grow organic fruit and vegetables? It's not a big deal, but when you learn about our organic growing methods and the care and effort it takes to produce them, you'll be leaving the farm with a full stomach... AND a full brain. Okay, we were wrong. It's kind of a big deal.




Only 1 strawberry each

Yeah, right. Once you try one, there will soon be juice all over your lovely blouse. Because you can't just have one. They're just too good. But please don't eat them all. 


the boss likes to pretend he's training for the olympics

Poor guy in his 40's training with some of the top Freestyle Mogul Skiers in the world. What is he thinking? We feel sorry for him. Hopefully he won't crash again like last summer. Somebody should tell him 'rolling down the windows' isn't actually a trick.

Throughout the summer world cup level skiers use the Apex Freestyle Club water ramp training facility at Covert Farms for dryland training.



This is where the fun really begins

Sometimes it's hard to be patient. Knowing that all that delicious wine is waiting for you at the wine shop will make it difficult to focus. But it'll be worth the wait. And we're not running out of wine anytime soon. There's plenty. Even enough to purchase a few bottles to take home with you.



Wine tasting

Let's be honest. World-class organic fruits and vegetables aside, this is really why you're here. Why not enjoy yourself as you taste all of our varieties you just learned about and sampled in the vineyard.



Rustic wine lounge

What better than to pair our world class wine with then our small bites selection. We don't want to kill your buzz too much though. Nobody likes a buzzkill.



STay as long as you like

Just because the tour is over doesn't mean we will bounce you. You can stay for as long as you like. Our guides have a lot of material, and at this point after a few glasses of wine you might actually think they've been saving their 'A material' this whole time.

It was fascinating to experience Covert Farms tour. I had no idea how many different things there were to do. The tour guides were first class and I highly recommend this tour to anyone. Young or old.
— Katherine Walsh