2014 Rosé

2014 Rosé


Varieties: Merlot (76%), Pinot Noir (22%), Syrah (2%)

Vintage: 2014

Alcohol: 13.4%

Bottle size: 750 mL

pH: 3.2

Acidity: 7.1

Taste Profile: Mouth-watering acidity, bursting with notes of rainier cherries and strawberry patch.

Perfect Setting: Outside, on the patio with an array of dishes that are seemingly impossible to pair with one wine. Surprise your guests.

Winemaking notes: Less than 24 hours of skin contact, co-fermented and pressed together. A touch of Syrah prior to bottling brings depth and complexity, allowing our Rosé to age well into a savoury beauty.

Season Profile: The growing season was delightful. Hot days and cool nights, along with a stretch of dry heat helped curb vigor and keep an emphasis on flavour development.

Drinking window: 2015 - 2020

Fun Fact: 

All Covert Farms wines are Certified Organic, Salmon Safe, and Vegan.

Retail: $18.25 plus tax

Club: $15.51 - Exclusive to wine club members

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